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So you think you want to be an affiliate marketer? Do you have what it takes? Are you on an Affiliate Quest?

What is an affiliate company and how does this work? Can you really make money online?

In order to become associated with affiliate companies you are basically a sales rep for their featured products. The Internet is filled will banners, video’s and text links that affiliates (Sales Representative) place in strategic places on their web pages in order to try to sell other companies products or services in order make a substantial commission online.
Once a sale or referral is made, the affiliate gets credit with a unique tracking ID. The commissions are recorded in the sales statistics area of the company’s website. You’ll  have access to your stats via your membership area.

You can earn large amounts of cash online with your website without a product to sell by locating other people’s products to promote by looking at the bottom of their website pages. Locate the area where you see the words similar to, (affiliate program or partner). Basically, you have to fill out an application form in order to be able to sell their products.

If you want to become an affiliate for another company, I suggest that you stick with products and services that are related to your niche website. If your website or blog is about DIY plans, then look for companies that sell those Do It Yourselfers and sign-up to be a sales affiliate for them. It really makes no sense at all to try to sell golf items on a recipe website. Some companies actually review your site for relevant content before accepting you. People find your website because they are interested in your niche. So, refer products that are related to what they were searching for when they located you.

One of the programs that I’m associated with is Aweber.  The companies’ products are the best for automating your email service and for selling products. I am a sales associate with them because an email list is a must. Email marketing fits perfect with what any affiliate website is about. I use the product and believe in what I am selling. Each time someone signs up for membership and continues to use the program, I will get a small commission from the sale, you can do the same. If your looking for free right now, I suggest MailChimp. Perfect for getting started with list and autoresponders.

Don’t ever pay someone to sell their products. Good affiliate companies structure their sales association in such a way that the affiliate will not have to pay anything to become an affiliate(Sales Representative) .

Succeeding as an affiliate takes time and effort – there is a learning curve. Most successful affiliates have a number of embarrassing failures under their belts before they start doing well, but the rewards are worth it.

Popular Affiliate Programs
1) Amazon                                                  7)  Google Adsense     
2)  Commission Junction                      8)  Clickbank Affiliate
3)  Kontera                                                  9)  Linkshare
4)  As Seen On TV                                    10) Plimus
5) Shareasale                                             11)  CBmall 
6)  PayDotCom                                          12) RAP Bank

Each company will have its own set of parameters. Most of the revenue generating opportunities will have minimum amounts of sales that you must reach before you receive a pay check.

As an example: Commission Junction requires that their affiliates must have $100 in sales before they will receive a check. Something to be aware of, especially for beginners. However, RAPBank deposits a commission immediately upon a sale into your PayPal account, even if it’s only $1.00

Building websites/blogsites is fun and if you work the system well, you can generate enough money to pay for your affiliate management expenses and extra spending money.  Generating money in this manner requires that you have targeted traffic. The larger the volume of visitors is coming to your site the more income you will make. Kind of like Twitter, follow a 100 and 20 follow back. 100 visits to your website, 20 will buy. This of course is totally dependent upon how well you structure the affiliate sales banners, text links and Adsense on your pages. Your site design will play an important part in the process of generating commissions with affiliate partners.

You don’t need any special talent to be an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance, most affiliate programs are open to anyone, regardless of whether you’re experienced or a complete novice. You also don’t need to be a computer genius to be a successful affiliate – everyone goes through the same learning process. It all boils down to whether you can fight your way through to the other side!

See You There, Cheers!

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